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Sussex Acupuncture
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 10 reviews
 by Stella East

Rick's treatment is excellent and amazing for memory and for pain!

 by Kate Enright
Thank you Rick

I first went to see Rick for acupuncture treatment during an IVF cycle around the time of embryo transfer & continued to have regular treatments throughout my pregnancy which was ultimately successful. I am enormously grateful for Rick's help and support. His treatment has had a significant impact on my low mood, anxiety and lower back pain and my general health has improved enormously*. However, for me the best recommendation I can give is to say that I have recently started treatment with Rick again to help prepare for another round of IVF.

 by Caroline Hoy
Rick Mudie

I began seeing Rick after a long history of recurrent miscarriage since trying for our second child. I was at an extremely low point emotionally and physically. Having spent my career as a Health Professional in western medicine I was a little sceptical as to the benefits of acupuncture but thought I would give it a go. The results have been undeniable both in my physical symptoms and ability to cope with the cocktail of drugs I have to take for the miscarriage treatment, and in my overall emotional health*. Rick has become an integral part of my journey and it would be all the more difficult without his support.

 by Jenny

I went to see Rick to support my IVF treatment. I found the acupuncture had a calming effect during treatment and in the early stages of pregnancy relieved my symptoms of tiredness*. Rick has a great knowledge on Chinese medicine and was able to give me useful lifestyle and dietary advice to support my pregnancy.

 by Fiona and Dave
Thanks Rick!

My wife and I have been treated by Rick. We cannot thank him enough for the physical assistance we gained through acupuncture and the emotional support he also provided. Rick and his treatment helped to support us during an extremely challenging time along our infertility and IVF journey*. During these really dark times he helped us to see a way through and gave perspective to the situation. We liked his approach of utilising only a few needles to gain the desired effect. Each visit he would listen to our every concern and adapt the treatment accordingly to our specific needs. He has wealth of experience and taught us a lot about respecting our bodies and our interaction with the universe. Of particular interest was the influence of the seasons and the impact this has upon the natural balance of the body. Whatever your acupuncture needs Rick is a knowledgeable kind empathetic person who will do his upmost to help you.

 by Liz
Rick Mudie

I have been seeing Rick regularly over the last 18 months, for a variety of symptoms including joint pain, restless legs, and sleep problems*. He is very thorough and thoughtful, and has a professional and easy manner. Rick has worked hard to help me with my various (and shifting) problems and I am sure that his treatments have helped to stabilize and ease my symptoms. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a sympathetic and supportive acupuncturist, who takes a genuinely holistic approach.

 by Ann
Rick exudes calm and confidence

I ave been seeing Rick for several months for help with some stress related issues*. I always feel very comfortable and benefit gratefully from treatment. Thank you Rick.

Many thanks for your review Ann

 by Katie
Rick Mudie

I have been having acupuncture with Rick in the lead up and through my IVF cycle*, I have every confidence in his treatments and great knowledge of Chinese Medicine and the workings of the body.

He is very professional and is always very calm with a caring nature, making each treatment a very relaxing experience.

I would always recommend Rick and will continue to have treatments with him for other concerns.

 by Olivia Gillmor
Rick Mudie

I went to Richard on recommendation because my baby was breach and was hoping she would turn before the birth*. A kind of last resort to see if she would turn. Richard was excellent and helped relax me - he is very professional and exudes calmness. I am also quite phobic about needles, but it was totally fine seeing Richard - I wasn't worried at all. (Amazing!!) The whole experience was great and am happy to recommend him.

 by paula

After over two years of trying to conceive and a failed ivf attempt, i was given Ricks number when someone suggested acupuncture. I was really sceptical about trying it, its someone sticking needles in you i thought, whats that going to achieve? I decided to have one appointment and see what it was all about. Rick was really friendly and professional, he answered all my questions and explained how it all worked. I saw Rick prior to and during another ivf cycle. It worked, i became pregnant*. I have no idea if it was the acupuncture or not but I wouldnt hesitate to do it again. I continued to see Rick during my pregnancy. I now have a beautiful baby boy.

'I need to say such a massive thank you for all the help you gave me, your calm and encouraging support really did help me to recover. You are a very talented practitioner and I was lucky to have found you.'
Alice, August 2020

'Rick is a very thorough and detailed in his approach to the treatments. His sensitive and empathic approach creates a deep sense of trust and an environment for healing* and well -being. '
Mary-Clare, November 2015

'I was always delighted and impressed with Rick's friendly and professional manner. I always felt comfortable with him and definitely greatly benefited from the many treatments I had. The fluid retention I had has improved a lot, my digestion is much stronger these days, and I have not felt the need to have any more treatments* so far. I feel my constitution has strengthened as a result, so thank you very much indeed.'
Melanie, January 2009

'Three years ago, I first sought Rick's help for an ongoing health issue that was not responding consistently to other therapies. As a busy mother of 3 I have treatment that maintains my good health, my sleep and my energy levels*. I often recommend Rick as he is a kind, considerate and gentle professional who has achieved excellent results for me and those I have introduced to him.'
Hannah, November 2009

'I have been a client of Rick's for three years*. He is always approachable and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend him.'
Ian, February 2010

"I have been having acupuncture with Rick since 2005. I have always found him to be a professional, caring and insightful practitioner who is always willing to take time to explain his treatment and how that is related to physical and emotional vulnerabilities. His treatment has helped a great deal in strengthening my constitution*."
Karen, March 2010

"I have always found Rick to be an excellent practitioner. He emits a sea of calm and quiet authority, which combined with his genuine desire to help people, makes him a natural healer. He has aided members of my family and me to good health* and I have no hesitations in recommending him to anyone who requires his services."
Sumi, February 2010

"Now in my sixties, I find that energy levels required for active grandparenting are a challenge, and aches and pains from lifting small children, gardening and life in general start to present themselves. Over the last two years I have undergone an acupuncture maintenance regime which helps to keep me fit and able to live life as I want. Beyond the physical symptoms, Rick has treated me for emotional stress, grief, and problems with sleep, all of which has been highly beneficial*."
Judy, September 2009

"I had never considered acupuncture before so was actually quite sceptical when a friend recommended I try it to cure me of the hayfever which I had suffered for the past 10-15 years. I found Rick on-line and in 4* (very relaxing!) treatments he gave me the first non-allergic summer of my adult life! A couple of follow up treatments this year did the job for this year as well."
Lloyd, March 2012

"Having had irregular periods for many years and failing to conceive naturally, we were referred for IVF treatment where I discovered I had PCOS. A friend recommended acupuncture during IVF and we contacted Rick to discuss the benefits of treatment. Unfortunately, our first cycle of IVF was cancelled before egg collection due to severe over-stimulation, a complication caused by PCOS. However, Richard was so very helpful following this and provided treatment prior to and during our next IVF cycle, which fortunately was successful*. My husband also had a few sessions of acupuncture for his sperm and having had this tested afterwards, there were significant improvements in the count, abnormal forms and motility. We are certain that Rick's treatment helped us to overcome the complications of IVF with PCOS and conceive and in a very short space of time. I also visited Richard during my pregnancy and afterwards, which again I am sure helped with my post birth recovery. Rick is extremely professional and knowledgeable, he provided a very relaxing and calm environment, making it an enjoyable experience at each visit. Thank you Rick for helping us to conceive our wonderful son, Henry."
Jessica & Robert, August 2011

"I went to see Rick for an acupuncture treatment in desperation, after 6 weeks of terrible nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy. I did not want to resort to prescription pills and had heard good things about the effects of acupuncture on morning sickness. It worked* and I would highly recommend him to anyone else!"
Ellie, June 2009

"I found treatment particularly helpful when I developed SPD, and was experiencing severe pain in my pelvis and pubic area*. The acupuncture definitely eased the painful symptoms I was experiencing."
Gillian, March 2012

"Richard was recommended to me by a friend with fertility issues. He has treated me for menstrual migraine and other problems associated with my cycle and previous fertility problems. I am happy to say I have not had a migraine for months now and my periods are back to normal for the first time in years*. Richard is highly professional and you feel like you are in safe hands."
Debbie, July 2012

"I first went to see Richard on recommendation from a friend who also had fertility problems but went onto conceive naturally after being treated by him! I started having regular sessions when I was undergoing IVF treatment. As one of our issues were male factor, I persuaded my husband to be treated by Richard too (even though he was needle phobic!). My husband's count, morphology & volume improved*. We were lucky enough to conceive via frozen embryo transfer in 2006. In 2008 we tried for a sibling for our son & I had more sessions with Richard. My husband was also treated by Richard and just after 1 session, we managed to conceive naturally and our daughter was born in July this year."
Ronnie, October 2009

"I decided to see Richard for acupuncture treatment after discovering that I had fertility issues (10 million sperm count 95% non motile 96% abnormal forms). From the initial consultation I have found Richard to be an exceptionally personable man. He instantly put me at ease and has really helped me to make sense of the position I find myself in. He also has been able to clearly communicate the complexities of the treatment in a way I can understand. I have now had six sessions*, all of which I have come away from feeling increasingly more positive about my situation. My latest semen analysis results show what I consider to be an incredible improvement (44million sperm count and 68% motility and 18% normal forms) which is considered to be “normal”. Therefore I am in no doubt that acupuncture combined with a healthy lifestyle is an extremely effective process. I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard or indeed using his services to treat other issues."
Nick, June 2012
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