Breech Babies

Moxa to turn Breech Babies


      Acupuncture could be very effective to help turn your breech baby. Treatment is ideally given between 32 – 35 weeks and, at this stage, treatment has been shown to be as much as 80% effective.
      Treatment requires a one-off consultation to check your general health and to find out more about how this pregnancy and any previous pregnancies have been. We will then give you some acupuncture to help the process and to prepare you for labour and the weeks ahead. Once the needles are in I will show you how to continue treatment at home with moxa sticks (a herb that has been shaped into a cigar like stick) held over points on your toes.

At home the moxa stick is lit and held over these specific points twice a day for up to 10 days.


In some cases using moxa to try and turn a baby is not advised. These include:

Twin pregnancies
Previous caesarian for breech presentation
Raised blood pressure
Bleeding during pregnancy
Rhesus negative blood type

If in doubt this can be discussed with us and your midwife.

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