Labour Induction

Brighton Acupuncture Clinic

We recommend acupuncture weekly from 36 weeks to prepare you and your baby for labour and beyond…

Once full-term is reached acupuncture is used to encourage labour.

How much treatment do I need?

We recommend treatment weekly from 36 weeks and then every 2-3 days, once you have reach full term, until the baby is delivered.

Where do the needles go?

From early in pregnancy we avoid abdominal points and generally use ‘distal’ points. These are generally on your arms and legs, below your elbow and knees and are the strongest points for affecting the physiology of your system.

Some points are specifically chosen for your individual constitution and some are more generic labour inducing ones. For labour induction we may use points on your lower back to stimulate the nerves of the sacral plexus, a group of nerves that are intimately involved in the birthing process.

I will always discuss what points I am going to use first and make sure that you feel comfortable.


How do I book an appointment?

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