Unexplained Infertility – Can Acupuncture help you?

If you are one of the 10% of couples that have been labelled as having unexplained infertility you will know that this can be a very frustrating diagnosis, especially as it often comes after months of trying to conceive.

Once in the system of medical appointments and tests your stress levels may rise...

This makes it harder to conceive. Timing sex to optimise your chances, can cause a lack of spontaneity and can crush the creative process of conception.

Acupuncture can help...

We have a great deal of experience using Chinese Medicine diagnostic procedures to provide a clear diagnosis, with which we are able to stimulate the change needed to enable conception.

"Chinese Medicine can offer you a different perspective and,
in most cases, we are able to provide valuable insight."

Alongside this acupuncture increases endorphins, the body natural feel good hormones. These counteract the effects of stress hormones, promoting health and reproduction.

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Where do the needles go?

We generally use a combination of ‘local’ and ‘distal’ points. ‘Local’ points are on your abdomen and are above and below your navel. ‘Distal’ points are on your arms and legs, generally below your elbow and knees.

I will always discuss what points I am going to use first and make sure that you feel comfortable.

How much treatment do I need?

At the initial consultation we go through your medical history and any notes or test results that you have, and combine these with a Chinese medical diagnosis to develop an individual treatment plan to suit you. Treatment is generally advised every week to two weeks, for as long as is necessary.

In instances of unexplained infertility it is often beneficial to treat both partners. We will discuss this with you. It is important that we find a sustainable approach to treatment for you, and if money is an issue, work how best to divide up treatments between you.

How do I book an appointment?

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