Fertility Acupuncture

Fertility acupuncture has been used for centuries
to regulate cycles, calm the mind
and improve circulation of blood & fluid
within the reproductive system.


1. Regulate your cycle, promote good blood circulation and balance hormone levels.
2. Work towards the resolution of specific gynaecological & hormonal issues.
3. Improve your general health
4. Reduce the impact of stress
5. Reduce likelihood of ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage

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1. Increase count & motility
2. Reduce morphology
3. Improve fertilisation rates
4. Reduce likelihood of miscarriage

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IVF, ICSI, IUI and ovulation induction support

Click here for details about how we support people going through IVF, ICSI, IUI and ovulation induction cycles and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome and on-going pregnancy.


Where do the needles go?

We generally use a combination of 'local' and 'distal' points. 'Local' points are on your front and back around your abdomen, often above and below your navel. 'Distal' points are on your arms and legs, generally below your elbow and knees.

I will always discuss what points I am going to use first and make sure that you feel comfortable. If you do not, please let me know.


How much treatment do I need?

At the initial consultation we go through your medical history and any notes or test results that you have, and combine these with a Chinese medical diagnosis to develop an individual treatment plan.

Treatment is generally advised every week to two weeks for as long as is necessary. Weekly treatment is often ideal, as this allows me to work with each phase of your menstrual cycle in turn. As money is always an issue it is important that we find a sustainable approach to treatment for you.

It is often beneficial to treat both partners and will discuss this with you, and if money is an issue, work how best to divide up treatment between you.


Rick has been using fertility acupuncture to improve conception rates

and reduce the likelihood of miscarriage since 2004 and

has worked with The Agora Gynaecology and Fertility Clinic, in Hove, since 2010.

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