Sussex Acupuncture Website | Relaunch

Sussex Acupuncture is pleased to be relaunching their new website today.

A new stage in the development of our Acupuncture resource for existing patients and individuals seeking more information on the uses of Acupuncture.

Sussex AcupunctureWe were established in 2004 at a time when information available online regarding Acupuncture was scarce and the general public had only a few areas where they could research the suitability of acupuncture.

Fortunately industry bodies like the British Acupuncture Council, the NHS, and the City College of Acupuncture – to name but a few – now publish regular, researched information online allowing individuals to research. This change has often meant that the patients we now treat have a far greater understanding of the potential benefits of acupuncture treatment.

The Sussex Acupuncture website will provide high quality information on our specialist treatment areas such as fertility and pregnancy, while providing general information to individuals in Sussex who are looking for a local treatment partner.

Rick Mudie

Rick Mudie

Rick is a Course Co-ordinator and Clinical Supervisor International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM). He has degrees in Oriental Medicine from Brighton University and Social Sciences from Edinburgh University.

He has clinics in Brighton and Lewes, in East Sussex, and practices five-element 'Stems and Branches' and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture, with a strong emphasis on channel palpation.

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