Details of some changes

Just to let you know about changes to the way that Sussex Acupuncture operates…


The Agora Gynaecology and Fertility Centre is expanding and so are Rick’s practice and teaching commitments, so we have decided to change the way we work together…

Sussex Acupuncture

The Info:

I will continue working alongside the consultants and nurses, taking referrals and providing support for Agora patients but will run my Fertility Acupuncture Support Clinic from the Dyke Road Clinic, in Brighton, and the River Clinic, in Lewes.

I am increasing my availability at River Clinic to include Wednesday afternoons from 2 – 5pm.

Website details will be updated from week beginning 8th May 2017.






So from May 11th 2017:

      • I will see Agora referrals within The Dyke Road and River Clinics.
      • I will increase my time at River Clinic to include Wednesday afternoons (2 – 5pm).


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Rick Mudie

Rick Mudie

Rick is a Course Co-ordinator and Clinical Supervisor International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM). He has degrees in Oriental Medicine from Brighton University and Social Sciences from Edinburgh University.

He has clinics in Brighton and Lewes, in East Sussex, and practices five-element 'Stems and Branches' and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture, with a strong emphasis on channel palpation.

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