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There hasn't been much research done for the effects
of acupuncture on male fertility...

but what there is, is encouraging...


‘Effect of acupuncture on sperm parameters of males suffering from subfertility related to low sperm quality.’
Siterman Arch Androl 39(2):155-61 1997 Sep-Oct.

The aim of this study was to assess the effect of acupuncture on males suffering from sub-fertility related to sperm impairment. 32 men were analysed. 16 had acupuncture and 16 acted as the control group.

The results showed the acupuncture group had significantly better fertility due to increased sperm counts, lower morphology and better motility.

‘Does acupuncture treatment affect sperm density in males with very low sperm count?’
Siterman et al.’ Andrologia. 2000 Jan;32(1):31-9.

The aim of this pilot study was to assess the effect of using acupuncture with men that were producing no sperm.

The results showed that a course of acupuncture resulted in seven of the fifteen men producing enough sperm to receive IVF treatment without requiring a testicular biopsy. In the control group that received no acupuncture treatment there were no men demonstrating an increase in sperm production.

‘Influence of acupuncture on idiopathic male infertility in assisted reproductive technology’
Zhang et al. Journal of Huazhong University Of Science and Technology. 2000 Vol 2; issue 3; pp 228-230.

The aim was to assess the clinical effects of acupuncture on idiopathic male infertility in sperm parameter.

The results showed that quick sperm motility after acupuncture was significantly improved. The normal sperm ratio was increased, as were the fertilization rates. There was no significant difference in sperm concentration and general sperm motility between before and after acupuncture. The embryo quality after acupuncture was improved, but the difference between them was not significant.

‘Effects of acupuncture and moxa treatment in patients with semen abnormalities.’
Gurfinkel Asian J Androl. 2003 Dec; 5(4):345-8.

The aim was to evaluate the effect of traditional Chinese medicine on the semen quality in patients with semen abnormalities.

19 patients, aged 24 - 42 years, were randomized into two groups and given acupuncture and moxa treatment, or sham acupuncture (using points that have no effect on fertility), for 10 weeks. Semen analyses were performed before and after the treatment course.

The results showed a significant increase in the percentage of normal-form sperm in the acupuncture group compared to the sham acupuncture group.

‘Quantitative evaluation of spermatozoa ultrastructure after acupuncture treatment for idiopathic male infertility.’
Pei J. Fertility & Sterility 2005 Jul; 84(1):141-7.

The aim was to evaluate the morphologic sperm features of 40 infertile men after acupuncture therapy. 28 patients received acupuncture twice a week over a period of 5 weeks and 12 men were in the untreated control group.

This research done in Italy and Germany and Italy showed a statistically significant improvement was detected in acrosome position and shape, nuclear shape, axonemal pattern and shape, and accessory fibers of sperm organelles with patients given acupuncture twice a week for 5 weeks. i.e statistically significant lower morphology rates after acupuncture.

'The Fundamental Reasons Why Laptop Computers
should not be Used on Your Lap.' Mortasavi S et al.  2016 Dec; 6(4): 279–284.

Research focused on the health effects of exposure to different sources of electromagnetic fields such as cellular phones, mobile base stations, mobile phone jammers, laptop computers, radars, dentistry cavitrons and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

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