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Pregnancy Acupuncture offers drug-free treatment. It provides effective support for you and your baby. We have years of experience helping mothers-to-be to get the most out of their pregnancy and below is a summary of how it can be used throughout the different stages.




1st trimester (Up to 12 week scan)

Once you have a positive pregnancy test, acupuncture is recommended every week to two weeks, up to 12 weeks, to reduce the chances of miscarriage and to ensure good blood quality and circulation for you and your baby. It is also useful to counteract the effects of stress and worry, and is commonly used to help alleviate common conditions of early pregnancy such as morning sickness and fatigue.

Second and third trimesters

Between 12 and 36 weeks acupuncture is recommended about every four weeks. Treatment helps to maintain good circulation and to keep your system balanced. If during this period any other pregnancy related conditions develop then the frequency of treatment is altered according to their nature.

From 36 weeks

For the last few weeks, pregnancy acupuncture is advised once a week. The baby is ready and your body is preparing for childbirth. These pre-birth treatments help prepare you and your baby for labour and beyond.

Specific points are chosen depending on your constitution and pregnancy history. These include points to ripen the cervix, to soften the tendons and ligaments, to help optimize the baby’s position and to build your stamina.

At this stage you may wish to bring your birthing partner with you for one session and I will demonstrate on you a collection of acupressure points that they can use on you before and during labour.

40 weeks +

As well as continuing to prepare you and your baby for labour and beyond, treatment is designed to induce labour. Points are used that directly stimulate the sacral plexus a collection of nerves directly involved with labour.


Pregnancy acupuncture bookings are easily made by phoning the clinic receptions.

Any problems or to discuss your situation please use the contact form or call Rick on 07786 184759.



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